Sunday, March 21, 2010

So you like snowdrops...

Then come with me on a stroll through our garden colony, where there are myriads of them right now. Before we begin, I'd like to dedicate this post to Deborah at Kilbourne Grove. She has a great blog and a fondness for snowdrops, and I learned the word "pleach" from her.

Here are some examples along the path leading to my allotment (click to enlarge any photo):

I especially like the snowdrops under the corkscrew hazelnut above, and the beautification of the compost silo below.

My neighbor has the most beautiful snowdrops in my immediate vicinity - the same neighbor who has the most beautiful dahlias and asters - I was lucky in my choice of location! Here are some photos, not that great since I didn't want to climb over the fence and he wasn't "home".

My own garden is also full of snowdrops, for which I can't take any credit, as they were planted by my predecessors. Here some impressions:
In one case I unwittingly did my best to smother them by dumping a pile of earth along the side of the path, but the hardy little plants poked right through and look stronger than ever:
In German these flowers are known as "little snow bells" (Schneeglöckchen). Here's some more next to my attempt to build a shelter for hedgehogs, mostly destroyed in the big storm we had a few weeks ago.
And one more shot of the snowdrops next to our patio:

Snowdrops are certainly charming, but I think the other early spring flowers blooming at the same time are just as lovely. Here a brief impression of some of our crocuses and dwarf irises as final shot in this post:


  1. Barbara, thank you! It's such a pleasure to see them grow in masses, naturally, like they've always been there. I just planted my first snowdrops this year.

  2. What an amazing collection of snowdrops. I, like Deborah, have been suffering snowdrop envy for most of this late-winter. I'm not sure if they'll grow well here, but I've become quite determined to try!

  3. You are lucky to have neighbors with beautiful flowers, just like you! My neighbors all seem to like turf grass and that's about it.

    Christine in Alaska

  4. Das sieht ja alles schon sehr schön frühlingshaft bei Dir in den Anlage aus! LG Luzia.

  5. Lovely snowdrops! My garden is of tropical plants. The best time to garden is in the morning or evening. i prefer doing it in the morning.

  6. Such beautiful little flowers and probably my favourites of all . You have some happy and healthy colonies there Barbara :)

  7. Barbara, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so envious, what a gorgeous, gorgeous display. I am hoping in about 10 years, I will have half the number of you! And thank you for thinking of me with this post, much appreciated.
    I also love you corkscrew hazel in the first shot, do you know we paid $50 for one (huge) branch of it at the flower shop.

  8. Lovely post, Barbara. Your snowdrops are gorgeous!

  9. The pretty snowdrops, crocus and iris are screaming spring! When at our Gartenplatz, (Oftersheim) we had a Mole (I read below post)making tunnels all over the place. We had a time trying to fight him/her out of the platz. We had great neighbors at our gartenplatz as do you…

  10. I love that you made a shelter for hedgehogs but I'm sorry it got smushed. I used to live in Bamberg as a child and still remember the gardens vividly! You just can't replicate that kind of charm here in the United States.